The Blockage

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Guys I have to apologize, I have really had a hard time this week. Not with life, haven’t been stressed or anything, just haven’t been able to write.

Believe me this is frustrating. I’ve opened my blogging platform everyday with the intention and have had a few starts but they quickly fell flat.

Some of you may argue that all my posts fall flat and to you I say good day.

But to the rest of you, I am sorry, the writer is having a blockage in the brain area. This weekend holds promise thoguh with a Christmas party that I have to attend with hubby tonight and tomorrow will be watching his Grandmother act in a Christmas play at her church…

The bright spot is the open bar tonight…I wonder how close I can get to the bar for our table….you know, less chance of showing how drunk I am. šŸ˜‰


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