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The days since I have appreciated country are past, a while ago, I occasionally enjoy a song or two but can’t bear country radio. Anyway, that’s not the point.

There’s a song that I’ve always liked by Kenny Chesney called The Good Stuff, and it really is, its a story to reminsd of how important the little things are. Country music is good story music, it tells a story, often with a moral and everything. šŸ˜‰

My weekend was largely family motivated, Friday night the hubs and I went to a Christmas party for his company, not bad, people are hilarious at those kinds of things, I will always swear they get no work done and there are midgets that get all that work done at night.

Saturday night we saw a play that his Grandmother was in which was very sweet. At a church – it was hard folks, I thought I might melt…. lol.

Sunday I had the privilege of helping my Grandmother out and setting her computer up with virus protection and showing her how to use it. This meant more to me than anything else I did this weekend because my Grandmother doesn’t ask for help often and this kind of help, ridding her pc of viruses, malware and sluggish programs, used to be my Uncles job. We lost him several years ago now but its still fresh and close to the surface for all of us.

I even managed to watch a few episodes of Dexter, season 2….more good stuff.

I didn’t get any housework done and the boys had to go grocery shopping but dammit, I feel like I accomplished a lot this weekend, tell me – how was yours?


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