What Did You Really Want for Christmas?

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It’s no secret that Christmas is not my favorite holiday, when I was a kid it was, of course every kid loves Christmas…that’s before the bills.

On Christmas Day I looked at pictures people happily posted of their trees with presents everywhere, so and so had a visit from Santa and so forth. Yay.

I didn’t even put up a tree. I felt a little guilty because my son didn’t get to see Christmas represented in our living room with a tree, lights and ornaments, under which my cats like to hide and occasionally topple the whole structure.

We told him what we were getting him on Christmas Eve so he wouldn’t wake up feeling empty handed, he was happy.

I wanted to keep that money for me though. Is that terrible? $280 bucks! Do you know what I could do with $280 bucks? Pssssh! Honestly, the kid has a rotten attitude most of the time, but I couldn’t think of anything else he would want that hadn’t already been bought for him.

What I want to know though is what you really wanted for Christmas. What was it, did you tell anyone you wanted it? Did you get it?

I wanted to go shopping, as much as I hate it on any normal day, when I want to go I really want to and I wanted to go shopping very badly over the weekend. I had family engagements though, and now the mood has passed.


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