Road Trip Cash Stash

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J and I always talk about road trips and going here and there, seeing this or that. When it comes to planning though, we kind of fall flat and that’s more to do with me than anything because the pennies must be watched. Those little bastards will disappear on you.

We want to go on weekend trips and we’re in that bad habit of saying things like, “when xx happens then we can yyyy” and not actually planning and setting the money aside for it.

So that’s my New Years Resolution, to start and maintain a road trip cash stash, and I think I really need to make a big statement with it so I’m going to find a big can and label it Road Trip Cash Stash and place it prominently on my night table and start making deposits.

I might even take pictures of it. Do you have an rtcs jar or “mad money” jar? How do you save money for side trips? What do you think is a good amount of money to set aside for a weekend road trip?


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