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Is anybody here?



Good. Fuck Wednesday. Fuck every day of the week and fuck traffic! Last night a 20 minute detour on the way home turned into an hour. AN HOUR!

Some dumbass crashed into another on a 2 lane highway. Genius! I had my car in park on the freeway. What’s worse is I’m having car problems and when I idle, the engine will miss and act like its going to die. Fortunately in park it doesn’t do that.

But holy shitballs, I was in park on the highway! I’ve managed to make it thru life so far having only had one accident when a dumbass old man pulled out in front of me on a rainy day, what is wrong with you people out there? The roads are not the place to play demo derby!


Anybody here yet?




Heh. Glad I got that off my chest. What’s your worst traffic story?


19 thoughts on “It’s My Blog and I’ll Whine if I Want to

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  6. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with people. That old man I hit asked me why I hit him, and I let him have it. I was so mad, told the cops he should have his licernse revoked if he can’t see when a car is coming that has the right of way.

    The mans wife called me later apologizing and I told her the same thing. LOL. Said they needed a new car anyways, asshole.
    .-= MouthyGirl´s last blog ..It’s My Blog and I’ll Whine if I Want to =-.

  7. I’ve only had one accident too… *knock on wood*.

    I was stopped at a red light early in the morning… Dude fell asleep at the wheel and plowed into the car next to at full speed. Bounced off that car, into mine, then he kept right on going.

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