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I’ve been guilty of dropping the ball on projects I’ve started, so far none of my unfinished business has been a big deal. Thankfully.

There are a few things I have had as long term goals and I overall my bigger goals have always been in the back of my mind, pushing me to work harder, learn new things and take risks. I’ve steadily made progress towards my goals and have even reached a few personal milestones. Motivation is key.

Motivation is a word that sounds much more complicated than it really is, its made to sound like this daunting mountain “motivation” that has two sides and both are uphill.

Do you want things? Have you worked to get things before? Of course you have. Look who’s motivated!

It really is that simple.

If you want to achieve your goals, there are some basic rules that must be observed. Don’t act like a know it all because you don’t know it ALL, ask questions when you get the opportunity of the people who are where you want to be, emulate them and realise they too are human.

Be real, be you and work hard. Not everyone can be born into a wealthy family, define wealthy in your terms and go get it.

I’m still working to get to my goals, and I will reach them one by one, my methods are proven and working.

What are you’re major goals, your terms of success? I’m guilty of not giving myself credit, are you? Do you hold out on praising yourself for your achievements even when someone else recognizes you for them?


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  4. I feel that I am a success. I have everything I ever wanted. I have a career, a family, a home, and transportation. I help people all over the world, I help people in every way I can, and I have my family close. I have ambition to go as far in life as humanly possible, which includes raising two well-adjusted, productive and independent members of society. I feel like I’m on a pretty good track to those goals. In this day and age of our generation being mostly satisfied with the minimum result for the minimum amount of work, I feel pretty good with my ambitions.

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