Thirty Years of Awesome

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I was a late bloomer, I have been learning my generation backwards, if that makes any sense. I spent a lot of time in my youth trying to figure out which end was up, forget knowing what everyone else was doing. I was clueless, and no not the like fucking movie. However, what I can say is that our generation was smart, had good taste and while very needy, emotional and prone to whining, overall we’re a pretty smart and awesome bunch.

The following information is not given out so that you can make fun, so stfu! I used to really enjoy country music, so much so that I listened to virtually nothing else with a few exceptions… those exceptions I made I now see as my brain’s way of telling me there was more to music than a steel guitar and nasal voice. πŸ˜‰

There’s speed metal and Rage Against The Machine and Sublime and Mos Def and John Legend and Blues Traveler and Live and Incubus and oh hell I could go on and on. I have always had a deep love of music, no talent, but much appreciation. I just had it on the wrong channel, country music never fulfilled my need for expression and oddly music now does that in a profound way for me. The other cool thing is that our generation produces today some of the most awesome entertainment ever created.

For example, Robot Chicken:

You cannot tell me you don’t love it! If you don’t um…do you like country music too? Just kidding, I still like George Strait πŸ˜‰

One thing I’ve never had an appreciation for was drama. Never once did I enjoy a bit of it unless it was in a movie. Some people have a huge flair for drama and those are the kind of people I try to avoid like the plague…THE PLAGUE!

In about a month I turn 31…several years ago I heard a song by Tim McGraw…STFU!.. called My Next Thirty Years…good stuff. Have a seat and enjoy:

Hug a 30 year old today! Have a good Friday everybody, do something fun this weekend and tell me about it!


It’s Not the End of the World

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In April of 2009 I quit my job as a legal assistant for a work at home job….and it didn’t work out….my “employer” ended up not having the ability to pay me when his financial backing backed out. I hadn’t been out of work a day in my life since I started working and I didn’t know what to do, where my next rent payment would come from and how on earth I was going to feed the family on one salary when we’d been barely making it on two.

This is not the first time I’ve dealt with a life changing circumstance.

First, I told myself, be positive. I said self, “I have always been employed, it stands to reason that I am a reliable, important employee and someone needs me or I’d have been out of work a little more often.”

It was scary, eye opening and now that I look back without my rose colored glasses – I should’ve known better than to make an emotional decision. At the heart of the whole thing, I hated my job and it wasn’t the job, it was my boss. He had a way of making you feel like the smartest dumbass on the block and he was the only one that could bring the genius out. I had to part ways with that man and I took the first train out. If I had thought it through more, I would have realized that making that jump was a bad idea.

Suddenly, two weeks after my 30th birthday, I realized I didn’t have a paycheck coming and made the first of what I expected to be a few phone calls to borrow money until I got a job, from my family. I was very fortunate that I had someone that I could call, then I touched up my resume, which I’d been doing for a while anyways so there wasn’t much to be done there, and then I started scouring the area for jobs.

I was scared of what would happen, uncertain of our future and not sure how long it would be until I found another job, let’s face it, they’re not in the plentiful supply that some of us have been used to in other times. I found a job though, and it happened quicker than I expected, I have a large skillset to offer as well reliability, accountability and consistency. My resume speaks for me and I can interview pretty well most of the time.

“When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.” -Henry Kaiser 1882 – 1967

It wasn’t the end of the world, as with most trials that we face in life, it was scary but I survived. Hardships in life present themselves for two reasons, you bring it on yourself with a bad decision, or you have an external influence that screws the pooch, the pooch being you.

Ultimately, you have two choices in facing it, play the victim and feel sorry for yourself or formulate a plan and take action to solve the problem. It’s up to you, but know this….a bad situation doesn’t have to be the end of the world.


Warning: Very Graphic

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I’ve been playing all day in Photoshop and am going to share the fruits of my labor now πŸ™‚

I have too much fun doing this stuff, it’s good FREE fun.

Most of these are compilations of free graphics I’ve found on the internet and I’ve played with their separate elements to create these. Enjoy.


5 Benefits to Growing Up Poor

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It’s crazy – I know what you’re thinking, What possible benefit could there be to growing up in a poor household? Well, let me surprise you. Once you read these lessons learned you’ll be envious of your financially challenged brethren, they’ve learned survival skills.

You learn how to box pretty quickly if you have siblings, or even if you don’t because the neighborhood bullies will take care of that. So you’re tougher than the average kid already. Self Defense!

Also, you exercise that sorely missed brain function…Imagination. Like when my older sister used to trick me out of my soda (the only one we would be rationed on a long road trip to visit family) by telling me we were going to play a game where whoever finished their soda first would get the other persons drink. Still can’t believe I fell for that shit. Imagination!

You had to play with your siblings because you had nothing else to entertain you, social skills are very important. My sister was Jerry Springers mentor, she used to start fights between my little sister and I and then sit back and just watch us fight. Social Skills!

Also, you’ll eat anything because you didn’t have choices, so you’re never a picky eater, that’s learned later in life if ever. You’re one of those people that thinks McDonalds is a great dinner before a movie with a date. πŸ™‚ Cheap date! (only a bonus for the ladies)

You learn unity and how to work in and lead a team, like when my little sister and I used to plan to get my older sister back for all the crap she would do to us. Project management!

Nemo / Pixabay

Now that’s only a few of the benefits, but I know I’m not the only one who grew up with very little and still turned out good…even great.

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