Grammy’s…WTF? That’s still on?

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I don’t know about you but I could frankly care less who has the best music video of the year or who’s got the best rock album. They never award the people I like the best anyway. Shallow reasoning? Yeah probably. Do I care? No, I don’t.

So last night I stayed off Twitter and Facebook because I knew the social networks would be all aflutter with the Grammy crap.

If you watched, what do you gain, is it really entertaining or do you watch because you want to talk about it? I know I know, different strokes for different folks but I just………don’t get it.

I’m bored with celebrating celebrities (notice the remarkable similarity there). I don’t think independent music gets enough radio play but that’s a whole separate topic.

Really, I’ve had enough of the same old actors on tv and movies too. When I see a movie I don’t want to have the 12 other movies I’ve seen you in running through my head.

The exception is the funny movies with comedians, I always like those because they’re always just funny, that’s the part – funny. The romantic comedies are okay but they’re a dime a dozen, I like the ones out of Happy Madison or from Kevin Smith but I’m bored with Drew Barrymore, I can’t shake the screaming kid image from E.T.

I LOVE comedy…love it, nothing better and I can’t get enough of it, you should check out my favorites like Katt Williams, Daniel Tosh, Mark Britton, Patton Oswalt..and the guy that does WebSoup on G4 I need to look him up…I could go on but that’s enough to keep you busy on the internets for a little while.

Yeah, so over the Grammy’s, Comedy Central needs as many channels as MTV.


2 thoughts on “Grammy’s…WTF? That’s still on?

  1. I don’t watch award shows. But I will watch any Brad Pitt movie cause a) he is hot b ) he is a good actor and c) he is hot .

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