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We all start out with these grand ideas of conquering the world and this ideal that everyone will love us and the reality is that few of us are wildly successful.

What we are, even if not wildly successful, is successful at achieving satisfaction, a middle ground between you and your dreams that you deem achievable and successful, on your terms.

Wherever you are in life, you want to be there because if you didn’t you would motivate yourself to get out of that situation.

I don’t have what they call a bucket list but I do have a few long term goals that I hope to achieve. Last year for the first time in over ten years I found myself without a job and launched from my comfort zone. To say that scared me is a not nearly a glimpse at the overwhelming difference that made in how I see things.

Sadly a lot of it feels age related but at the same time, I’m now more at peace with myself than even five years ago. I’m a bit less tolerant of drama and bullshit now than I used to be which is quickly igniting a temper I wasn’t aware that I had.

I said all that to say this, I didn’t make any resolutions because that’s stupid I never keep them, I do better with a daily to do list. (Read:not well). But for the first time in several years, I’m taking a road trip through the north end of Texas, through Oklahoma and into Kansas.

Its time I started seeing this countryside.

I’m excited about it and want to plan another before the end of the year. Any suggestions?


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