5 Rules To Follow Before Sending A Resume

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We’ve all had to look for a job before and sent resume after resume and read ad after ad, but how do you get to the interview stage for that valuable face time when you can really turn on the charm and make your sales pitch?

This job market is tough and every job listing gets hoardes of resumes, a lot of which won’t be considered because they don’t meet the minimum job requirements.

So I have a few rules to share with you that will get you much closer to that face time reality, if you follow them.

Rule #1 – Be real, if you don’t meet the minimum job requirements, don’t hit send.

Rule #2 – Answer every question and provide everything asked for in the ad.

Rule #3 – Write that damned cover letter!

Rule #4 – Don’t insult your potential employer.

Rule #5 – Read your resume or have a friend read it and ask yourself, would I hire me?

The employer has all the power, they can be picky and they will be if they’re smart – listen, they want a quality employee.

If that job title is one that you want, read the ad and the minimum requirements, if you don’t meet them, DO NOT ANSWER THE AD.

Don’t waste your time, you’re better than that, throw out the maybe and realize that you won’t get a call, send your resume only to people who will consider you because you are qualified.

If you don’t answer all the questions, you will likely be disqualified just for that. For instance, if references and salary requirements are requested, give them. You risk not being considered otherwise. Seems unfair I know, but if you can’t follow directions when you want the job, how are you going to perform if you get it?

Your cover letter is your first opportunity to sell yourself and your abilities. Are you going to sell yourself short? Send a sentence asking to meet? Get real, tell the employer what you can do for them, be a salesperson and sell the product, you.

When answering the ad, don’t have the attitude that they’d be oh so lucky to have you, if you have a chip on your shoulder, this is not the time to let that show. Be very careful and read, then reread it to be sure you can’t do anything but be proud of it and you sound like you’re puckering up. This IS your livelihood we’re talking about right?

Finally, proofread and spellcheck everything, you’ll look lazy if you don’t. If you follow these rules, I know you’ll find more success in your job search and just might get an interview quicker.


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