5 Benefits to Growing Up Poor

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It’s crazy – I know what you’re thinking, What possible benefit could there be to growing up in a poor household? Well, let me surprise you. Once you read these lessons learned you’ll be envious of your financially challenged brethren, they’ve learned survival skills.

You learn how to box pretty quickly if you have siblings, or even if you don’t because the neighborhood bullies will take care of that. So you’re tougher than the average kid already. Self Defense!

Also, you exercise that sorely missed brain function…Imagination. Like when my older sister used to trick me out of my soda (the only one we would be rationed on a long road trip to visit family) by telling me we were going to play a game where whoever finished their soda first would get the other persons drink. Still can’t believe I fell for that shit. Imagination!

You had to play with your siblings because you had nothing else to entertain you, social skills are very important. My sister was Jerry Springers mentor, she used to start fights between my little sister and I and then sit back and just watch us fight. Social Skills!

Also, you’ll eat anything because you didn’t have choices, so you’re never a picky eater, that’s learned later in life if ever. You’re one of those people that thinks McDonalds is a great dinner before a movie with a date. 🙂 Cheap date! (only a bonus for the ladies)

You learn unity and how to work in and lead a team, like when my little sister and I used to plan to get my older sister back for all the crap she would do to us. Project management!

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Now that’s only a few of the benefits, but I know I’m not the only one who grew up with very little and still turned out good…even great.

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2 thoughts on “5 Benefits to Growing Up Poor

  1. I grew up poor but for a long time didn’t know it …. I learned financial responsibility , my brother and I use to go find coke bottles to sell so we could buy a tv dinner … it was like having a steak dinner ….

  2. Very well-written post, miss! Certainly some food for thought, and it shows your wisdom. How? Instead of being a woe is me, or woe was me rant, you’ve managed to extract the positive side of things. Huzzah!

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