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There’s this detective in our family who likes to remind us of their all seeing ways periodically. Now that they’ve reminded me to, I’ll be looking over my shoulder again.

My Grandmother is no joke. She sent me an email over the weekend telling me she checks in on the gossip rag that is Facebook (lmao) and when she read Fridays’ MouthyGirl post oh man…..she wanted me to know I needed my mouth washed out with soap!

So I apologized, something I don’t often do for my writing. My Grandma is the one person in this world who’s opinion of me matters very much and I never want to offend her.

Since when does she read MouthyGirl anyways?

Here’s a little history lesson from the MouthyGirl archives…the story goes that when my older sister lived with my Grandma, she couldn’t hide anything or anywhere. One time my sister was at a boys’ house when she wasn’t supposed to be and my Grandma never having previously been there, found my sister and made her come home. No hiding from G.

As she reminded me, “Nothing gets past Grandma”. And you people call me paranoid….


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