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Having a child is a commitment unlike any other in life, it is at times the heaviest responsibility and at others…the most delightfully spiritual relationship you’ve ever had. Children are a lot of work and as they say, don’t come with instructions.

My ex’s sister said to me once that I was lucky that he even wanted to be involved with my son. At the time I laughed at her ignorance and to this day it is still the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard another female say. All that aside, us moms are not “lucky” to have to deal with our exes, our children deserve both of their parents – fair, adult parents, unless they’re a disgusting criminal like my ex became.

My lawyer told me once that at a proceeding I couldn’t make it to that my ex had told him that he would never pay more than $400 a month in child support. It wasn’t about my son for him, it was about what was going into my pocket, regardless of the care I took of my son, the money I spent being sure his needs were met and he was fed and we were insured, etc…it is no small feat to carry a household alone.

None of that was even a thought. He asked me once why I even needed it because I was doing fine. LOL! Asking an inane question will get you an inane answer, I said, “I gotta get my whiskey somehow”. Huzzah!

For those of you that pay child support, it’s not about you, it’s about being sure your child can have the things in life that you did not, and a single parent cannot do that most of the time. At best a single parent can provide the needs and a little of the wants on Christmas.

Get over yourselves and take care of your kids.


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  1. I hear ya sister. My ex husband fell into alcohol abuse and completely abandoned us. I should of known based on the way he was with me at times, but still, it doesn’t make raising a family alone easy. It is hard and every day I wish I had someone there to help you. You are not alone, there are tons of women out there doing just the same as you. Much love your way, wish you all the best. šŸ™‚ You sound like a wonderful mother. šŸ™‚
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