Would You, Could You, Drive an Electric Car?

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In a perfect world we’d all like to do our part to help the planet exist forever so that there is never an end to the species. Remarkably friends, delusions of saving the planet are not shared just among us, no!

In fact, there are a lot of car makers that are trying to stay ahead of the curve and our discriminating pocket books by designing and creating hybrids, super small versions of their lines and even some fully electric vehicles.

One thing I’ve considered about it is the fact that I have a contract with my electric provider for them to charge me a certain amount per kilowatt hour, additionally I can have average billing set up – which means that I could actually regulate my electricity bill and usage. Can you do that with your gas bill?

Now I’ve read a lot of statistics about what people want and what people “really want” according to the car makers and all that jazz…but more important than all the talking heads in the world is what you will decide when it’s time to purchase a vehicle…will you buy an electric car if it’s available?

One more question, what if I gave you the keys to one to drive..would you be interested?


12 thoughts on “Would You, Could You, Drive an Electric Car?

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  9. i would definitely take it, if it were free! haha. but honestly, if i am in the position to buy a new car, i am totally going hybrid/electric. that is, IF i am ever in that position šŸ˜€

  10. If it’s economical, sure. I mean, doesn’t really matter to me how fuel-efficient it is if I can’t afford it in the first place. But then again…if they made an electric Toyota Matrix, I might consider selling one of the kids for that…I’d have to think about it. šŸ˜›

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