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I get caught up with a few shows on TV mostly comedy sitcoms, not many and the little I know about what’s on these days is enough to tell me I’m right not to keep up.

Our primetime TV hours are reality shows, and its all over Twitter and Facebook before, during and after.

So You Think You Can Dance
American Idol
Hells Kitchen

Even I will admit that shows like these display the nature of competition, the open judging is a lot like how real life works, only in real life they don’t tell you why or try to tell you how to improve, they just don’t pick you.

I watch too, I like watching people get flustered and angry working to make their dream become win. Its a struggle I’m familiar with, a private one.

Its exciting to watch, to see the courage displayed as the contestants give it their all….and admit it, some of us watch because of the people who think they’re good…..we are blood thirsty mofos!

We’re not too far from those Coliseum Gladiator days. I like Hells Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey is mean but he’s British so it is what it is, but his endless drive for quality, that’s something I can get behind. It helps that he’s pretty hot for a 40 year old man.

😉 What’s your guilty pleasure? And yes, I guess porn is reality TV too in some cases. LOL


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  1. Hmm. I’m a Heroes addict. Soren makes me watch reality shows all the time, and I get irritated…why should I come home from work just to watch other people work? I want to escape, to get into a plot, not watch other people suffer. I do like American Idol, though…singing has always been a passion of mine. But yeah, I’d rather watch cartoons than reality any day, LOL. Horror movies are my thing.

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