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Sometimes I’m pretty sure I suck at it. Like anything else I do in life I criticize myself incessantly and you wouldn’t believe how many things I’ve written, saved as a draft and later deleted..

But I love to do it. When I get really busy in life I don’t make as much time for it and sometimes I don’t do it all except once a week but its like home.

I have to come back and I have to put it down. Its a selfish thing really and the things I share with you are I’m sure sometimes quite boring. That’s okay I don’t mind that. I’m boring sometimes. Ok a lot of times.

That’s me. I work and sometimes play…and I write. Its what I do when I can’t do anything else with myself, when I’m mad, upset, whatever – its what I do…its all I’ve ever known, besides driving.

Driving is another sort of special time for me, when I was 16 with my first car driving held the same thing for me as it did you. Then it changed because my mom would take off and take a drive when she was really upset and I think I just realised my mom was smoking pot.

LMAO! I gotta ask her!


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