Dishonor and Expectations

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We all do it. We come to a place in life where we are self sufficient but still in a strange way dependant on other people.

We depend on others for love, companionship, support, friendship, etc. You begin to have expectations of the people around you and normally its an unspoken agreement to act honorably, with friends as well as family this is the expectation….honor.

It doesn’t seem to be too much to ask in my opinion but evidently it is asking a lot, proof is the divorce rate, the rate at which people stop talking to friends, the point where a family breaks..

Relationships break when someone doesn’t act honorably and if you have ever experienced it, its devastating. Its hard to do so but when you separate yourself from the situation and look at it by comparison to the rest of the worlds’ behavior, is it really that bad?

Is this the evolution of relationships? Mistrust and every man for himself? I question the formalities of the generations before us. In these times is it necessary to invest all of yourself in a relationship?


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