I want to be…

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I want to be like someone else. 

We all say it. The truth is, I don’t mean that, even on my worst days, I don’t want to be anyone but myself.  I can’t imagine stepping into another persons’ life, emotions, baggage, etc.  I’m quite accustomed to mine.  I live a life that does not compare. 

That is not what people mean of course, when you say that, its the good life you want, not another persons’ life.  I propose that we all retort to that statement with, “why can’t you be amazing yourself?”

Why can’t we all be amazing people?  It’s hard work, sure but – its worth it right?  The peace of mind in knowing you’ve put your best into everything, no halfass work done, no plans left unmade. 

We are all amazing in my opinion, its only a matter of recognizing our own ability to affect change in our lives.  Are you willing to work hard for what you want?


Do Better

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My only child has a birthday coming in a few days. Every birthday reminds me of a harder time in my life, but a time when I was resilient. Nothing could or would keep me from doing what I wanted, and nothing did.

I dare say that I’ve grown up as my son has and I’ve learned a lot…knowing that being able to learn and grow is the foundation of a better life, I started my journey early.

We only get one shot on the planet, I’ve been telling my son about the real world since he was much smaller. Keeping your children in the dark about the world is the worst thing you can do to their future. After all, as a parent its our job to prepare them for life and hope they make it successful. Don’t handicap them with ignorance.

I tell my boy I want him to do better than me, better than my dad and better than my grandma. We work our asses off, hours on end, I don’t want him to work so hard.

He laughs but I know it’ll ring in his head later. Liking what you do is great but let’s face it, you don’t get to start out that way unless you know people. I am brutally honest with my son because he has to do better.

Looking back on your generation and the ones before it..does the situation improve? What do you tell your children about success in their future?