Really It’s Old Now, Enough Already

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I don’t know about you but I’m tired of seeing the same people over and over in Hollywood movies.  Really, can we come up with someone else? Anyone else?  I used to love all Happy Madison productions but how many times can you listen to “you can do eeet” before you stop writing it into the script? 

Seriously, Drew Barrymore, take a hiatus, please -for me?  And Adam Sandler, hire a new casting agent. 

Also?  STOP! The remakes, THAT IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT, IT’S LAZY!  These movies lately are like Hollywood’s last Hurrah before the internet takes over or something.  I mean if you want to know why people are watching podcasts instead of tv, I can tell you – it’s because it hasn’t been done before.

Original content and faces. Please!


2 thoughts on “Really It’s Old Now, Enough Already

  1. No joke! I made it about halfway through Clash of the Titans last week (had to return it to its owner before I could finish) and not only was it a horrible remake, it didn’t even follow the correct plot! Why did they call it that? Why didn’t they just change a few more things and make it a movie of its own right? Didn’t they think the original still kicked ass? I know I do!

    So tired of remakes. I saw a commercial for a new Hawaii 5-O the other day. IN THE COMMERCIAL they shot someone! There was blood! Soren and I looked at each other like, WHAT??? As I recall, Hawaii 5-O never had REAL violence! Why not just name it something else???

  2. Wow, I couldn’t agree more. And here i thought I was the only one with this, almost, jaded feeling, like every movie that comes out has basically been done before. Even if it’s not a ‘remake’ per se, the plotline has been covered before, in some form or fashion, or it’s the same old faces… come on hollywood, you make all this money, time to get creative with it!

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