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There’s a tendency in all of us I believe to doubt ourselves, discrediting our inherent ability to survive.  One thing I always told my baby sister and will tell my son as he gets older, there’s no one but you at the end of the day, rely on yourself as much as possible and only accept help when you have to from people you trust. Don’t expect someone to take care of you if you can’t, or won’t.

Self reliance is the only key to freedom that exists, being dependant on someone else should be a phase of life, and it already has a title… Childhood.  The reason it’s important to be self reliant is simple, you call the shots in your own life.  No one is able to hold you down if you know that you can make it on your own.

Women are expected to be reliant on someone and I think its fair to say that while that expectation is diminishing, it still exists for a large majority.  “The weaker sex”, we have been called, in agreement with @mommaserene I too feel that “being a man” no longer means to be strong and take care of business, it seems the meaning has mutated into a dependant, high maintenance majority of men who are not adequate to lead the home, much less carry off a successful career.

Let me make myself clear, this is a societal observation, we have a reality show about house husbands people, gimme a fucking break.  The house wife shows are just as ridiculous.  What ever happened to minding our own damn business?  What ever happened to self respect? My favorite commercial is the Geico one with R. Lee Army acting like a therapist yelling at the guy on the couch and throwing the kleenex past him. Get some damn self respect.

My point is that we have become a nation that is dependant, and addicted to that dependancy.  Example? Credit cards.  We want someone to take care of us so badly that we will manufacture a plastic caretaker that gives us what we want. 

Its time to grow up. Do what you gotta do and take care of you because at the end of the day, it’s just you in your mirror deciding if you have been the best person you could be.


4 thoughts on “Grow Up, Please

  1. @mommaserene 😉 I wouldn’t call your marriage one that is a dependant situation.. It seems to me that you both have equal input and equal responsibility and so on. I speak more of those juvenile people like you describe, so scared of being a grown up with true shoulder weighing responsibility, that they would rather shit themselves. Those that are excuse laden and prone to pointing the finger at anyone but themselves in a bad spot.

    Personally, I can’t fathom a life without my son in it, how a person would consider abandoning his children when they most need him is despicable, lucky for him he had the foresight to be in your company while pondering bastardhood.

    My point I guess is this, no one will hand us what we want in life..things don’t fall in our laps ever so its up to us to push, pull and work until we get to that place we were aiming for… some of us have the odds stacked against us and that sucks but it is what it is and we can choose to piss and moan about it or we can choose too work a little harder to be the best we can.

    Soapbox anyone? 😉

  2. LOL, just call me @mommaserene! 🙂
    Great post, and right on. I’ll admit I’m dependent on the ol’ man, but only because I choose to be. We both like the idea of having something of an old-fashioned home with easy-to-understand roles. But does that make me NOT independent? I don’t think so, because it was a decision I made as an independent woman. I know full well I could take care of myself by myself if need be, though I worry about the thought of raising the kids alone. I know I could do it, though, and I’ve known more than a few men who wouldn’t have that kind of strength and willpower. I’ve even known one who, when faced with the possibility of his wife going to jail for a while, was so worried about how to raise the kids while she was gone that he was actually considering running off himself! He was seriously going to leave his kids orphans because he was so scared of being a man. I’m sure you can picture me giving him a piece of my mind as you read this, and believe you me, that’s exactly what I did! He has since changed his mind…at least when I’m around. Still, though, what an example of exactly what you’re talking about.

    When I hear a man whine like a little girl about something, I always ask WWJWD? What would John Wayne do? Would he whine like a little girl or would he do “what a man’s gotta do?” Ugh.

  3. fantastic post! kinda all over the place with this one, and i needed to hear most of it!! I need to stop feeling bad for not having a job and DO something about it! Thank you 😉

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