Morning Coffee…and A Chat About Your Future

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I wish I could wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy just once. How awesome would that shit be?  Every morning I get up and have coffee at about five, I’ve always been an early riser, it’s the best time of the day for me in terms of motivation and setting my mind right for the day.

Just about every day I wake up feeling hopeful and positive about the coming days, weeks, etc.  I like my life, I mean, I picked it 😉  I’m a big believer in the raw power of thinking positively, I read some book about the theory years ago that I can’t recall the name of and haven’t looked back. 
I used to think very poorly of myself and didn’t have high expectations or motivation to seek better for myself, I worked at a gas station when I read that book, that I was later robbed at. Maybe you can imagine the state my life was in, unhappy marriage, new baby and what appeared to be a pretty crappy future in store.  I was not very hopeful.  I hated my life and felt like I had failed before I started and I knew I wasn’t setting a good example for my son.  Guilt compounded. 

Then I got my hands on that book. I tried some of the techniques and liked how I felt.  That was addicting, and especially for me with my natural tendency to addiction.  I’m not endorsing any books, I do want to convey the difference it has made in my life, just the idea that I can do better, that its not over until I say its over, that I can always improve and feel good about who I am.  That was not something I was ever told or that I ever expected and the answer to all of the questions I had about life. 

As much as I love my life and enjoy my son, my husband and my time with my sisters and family there is always room for more.  Can I get better? Absolutely.  Can my life improve even more? Absolutely. Can I enjoy this life more than I already do?  Absolutely. 

Can you? If you say no, ask yourself why not and for every reason you come up with I say bullshit.

Now go have a killer day.


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