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I have been working as a”manager” for roughly a year…and I mean roughly.  The first thing I’ve learned…the HARD way is that noone learns from someone nice. I had to learn that by trying to be less nice one day and a little more bossy…and the results were quick, and obvious to me.  I can’t be nice and expect to manage was first suggested by someone very smart and I tried it…she was right. 

So now I struggle daily with that balance between bossy, efficient and informative. I never wanted to be that boss that people whispered “bitch”about when I walk away but I realize that doesn’t really matter anymore.  I have a lot of work to do and I need the people that I manage to do the same and not rely on me for every little answer, I need them to think.  When they don’t, my job becomes more difficult and…I have to pick up that slack. 

I never saw myself as management potential when I was younger, I didn’t expect much of myself really. At some point that changed and I wanted something better, more challenging. Its hard for me to imagine complacency anymore now, though I realize that’s where a lot of people live. I struggle with this unchained need to always work harder and be better.

I enjoy my job, and the people I work with are very smart..definitely the perfect fit for me. They are great people for me to be around to learn from, and I do learn something every day.

From working in a gas station ten years ago to managing the daily operations at a small, growing company.  Who would’ve thought?  Least of all me but, from this former gas station attendant to you…growing your life into something you can be proud of is not easy and it does take work… But I’d rather work hard and sleep well than be lazy and restless.  How about you?


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