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I start my days with cartoons and follow those with music.  I try to be a positive person, thats much easier since I stopped watching the news in the morning. At the same time, sometimes I feel a little out of touch with the outside world.

I guess that’s better than worrying about things I can’t change.  Basketball season has started again and the funny thing about that is that in the preseason I realize how domestic I’ve become because I start getting tired in the third quarter, lol. I’m excited nonetheless, I love watching basketball because its exciting and fast…not to mention the talent.  😉 

I’ve been enjoying a few new cd’s that I think you should check out.  The new Ozzy cd is pretty badass, it stars off rocking pretty hard and leads into more docile, storytelling Ozzy and I like that, may not be for everyone though.  I have really been enjoying the new Eminem album Recovery, in fact if you liked White America and the early Em, go get the album, you will be very pleased, I was.  He’s definitely back. And samples Ozzy, a very pleasant surprise 🙂

Check those out if you’ve ever liked any of their music and have a kick ass Monday.



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