Waking Up

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I feel like I’ve been sleeping. MouthyGirl took a rest, lol.  I’m making changes, as mentioned..this weekend I’m going to a salon, getting a little color in my hair, it’s been a very long time since I did that. I’m thing about getting a mani/pedi as well.  Just to be a girl about it. 

Things are looking up and the holidays are coming, always fun. I am not religious, wouldn’t even call myself spiritual really but I do enjoy the excuse to be around family. I’m learning to appreciate everyone in my family in a different way, this holiday season should be fun.

How have you guys been? Speak up…


2 thoughts on “Waking Up

  1. my change to my hair is subtle, but I like it. I don’t think drastic change is necessary. Currently I’m looking for little ways to throw some small measure of excitement into every day. We’ll see how it goes. 😀

    New experiment.
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  2. I need a change myself. Things have been WAY too boring lately. My life is just dull, like my lifeless grey hair. Ugh.

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