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In the predawn hours I tend to be a little more positive, before I’ve allowed my inner critic to have it’s way with positivity.  I have a lot of hope for my future, I also have developed a bad habit of making excuses, making bad choices.  Mouthygirl was to be a place for daring, throwing caution to the wind and saying anything.  I’ve strayed from that and that’s part of the reason for my recent absence.  Ultimately, I’ve been censoring myself and rereading everything and deciding not to post. 

All my own fault.  We’re in the final days of the first decade I’ve spent as an adult, and I’m not entirely proud of the lack of progress I’ve made in my life.  I won’t be saying this in ten more years. The good news is that I’ve found a  job thats more than a job, finally. 

So as I climb this ladder before me, I’m preparing myself for a few setbacks, they always come…but I’m looking forward to the future, the changes as they come, this passion I feel welling up inside me…again. 

How would you describe the past ten years of your life?   What will you do in the next ten?


2 thoughts on “Early Thoughts, Resolutions

  1. Oof. Tough questions. February 5 I’ll have been at my job for 10 years, so I’m supposed to feel good about that, right? Sure. And the ol’ man and I just celebrated 10 years married, so that’s good. Our kids are healthy, so that’s good. I’m union vice president for my local, on the way to president, so that’s good I guess. So why am I so dissatisfied? I’ve NO desire to get a degree, though I’d dig taking a few classes just for fun, like history and english, stuff like that.
    I guess I’ve always been fairly social, though it makes no sense because my attitude is so antisocial. People just gravitate toward me…almost BECAUSE I’m antisocial. Does that make sense? But in the last 5 years I’ve realized that most of the people I called “friend” were worthless high school drama queens I don’t need and that weren’t trustworthy or loyal, which has completely fucked with my head. I think I’m just socially restless. Something’s gotta change soon, either my line of thinking or my social atmosphere.
    The next ten years? That includes a son ages 8-18 and a daughter/drama queen ages 3-13…so…survival. I hope I survive the next 10 years, still married, still talking to my kids, lol, and happier and less dramatic in the extended family portion. I hope to become more satisfied with my life or to change it to meet my satisfaction level.
    Wish me luck!

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