Bah Humbuggery

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Oh it’s Christmas…hearing bells clang when I go grocery shopping in Hell, I mean Walmart means one thing, Salvation Army by the front door…regardless how many times I’ve chunked some money in that red bucket, every time I pass I’m compelled to give more…which is probably the point. 

I feel bad, I was a needy kid, sometimes my mother would have to go to the food pantry to get donated food so we could eat.  We had it rough growing up but at the same time I don’t have enough money to solve the worlds problems, I dont have enough to solve some of my own, lol. 

So everytime I pass the bucket I get this wave of guilt…. I swear I have the guilt complex of a catholic.  Buying Christmas gifts is always a joy, as much as I hate shopping you would think I would get smart one tat and shop early…see thats part of my tradition, wait til the last minute and then I get to bitch about how rude people really are, lol.

This season has been a breeze so far thanks to Amazon (I heart you with fast, cheap shipping.  More gifts for later this week though, I’m going to have to go shopping on location…totally dreading it. 

If I go with a list maybe it won’t be too bad…how has the season been treating you?  Looking forward to 2011?


20 thoughts on “Bah Humbuggery

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  7. I could never be the bell ringer!

    @Erin every day that ticked by last week I was thinking of all the things still to do….with dread and wonder at whether we could do it all now I know…we kick ass 😉

  8. Ugh. I can’t wait til it’s over. I got all our kid shopping done, still trying to decide whether to buy for the parents yet or not. I was boycotting Amazon, so it was all about Wal-Mart and Big Lots (which, by the way, is a FABULOUS place for FABULOUS deals!). We only just got the tree up Monday night and still have a crapload of decorating to do, plus housecleaning (having company tomorrow) plus gift-wrapping…Oh, man, I can’t wait til Sunday when it’s over.

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