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12 years ago I was ignorant to the internet, beyond what I’d learned in high school, which was very limited.  10 years ago I got my first computer so that I could do homework for college, etc.

I didn’t grasp the internet for it’s potential for a while but once I did 🙂 just crazy.  I look back at that and compare it to my knowledge now and it’s impressive. Not to be cocky but I have a great learning curve and at this point I’ve worked in several fields and have done well in all, the most recent being the best one yet. 

My problem has always been getting bored, once I’m bored I lose focus. I can’t do the same thing everyday.  My current position is diverse thankfully, wearing many hats plays to my need to be very busy and feelinf accomplished and much as I may complain about providing it, I kick ass in customer service and do pretty well converting sales, albeit not my favorite thing to do.

This last decade is the longest mark of time I can look at and with the knowledge that I controlled it all, all the change, progress and work.  It was a good decade.  Overall, a very good decade indeed.

If you were to sum up your decade in a few words, what would they be?