What Are You Reading?

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Bet you thought I forgot about you huh? Turns out managing the operations of a company is pretty draining.

I miss some of the things that I used to do regularly. Like spend a whole day reading a book. I’ve heard of a few series I’d like to start reading, thinking I may start designating Sundays as my reading days and settle in with tea and a good book.

What do you do when you read, do you go to a quiet room, particular part of the living room, how do you stay in the zone? That’s the one thing that has hindered my progress, I can sacrifice some of my time on Stumble for reading.

Since I’m looking to reinstate “Reading Time” which I used to really enjoy, I’m welcoming any book recommendations. I have a pretty good interest in most anything but war books. I tried to read a Tom Clancy book once and just couldn’t do it.

I’d like to know what kind of books you prefer and why…and any particular books you would recommend. I’m currently listening to “The Confession” on cd by John Grisham and love that format because I can soak it in on my commute to and from work. The next series I’ll be reading is Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, which comes very highly recommended.