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I was nervous before I walked in, already having second thoughts. I walked in and my sister, who patronizes the business regularly, escorted me to the skin care room, a small room, about the size of a walk in closet with what looks like a bed for massage and a sink and a few of those cheap plastic bureau’s with drawers containing towels and other miscellaneous supplies.

She asked me to lie down on the bed and close my eyes and as she applied the wax to my eyebrow I had that roller coaster moment where you want to turn back but it’s too late….yeah, then she applied the cloth or paper or whatever the vehicle for that pain was and yanked swiftly.

&%$*)(^$ ! OH MY GAWD!

I wanted to scream, yell and punch her in her face! As my eyes welled up with tears and she applied the wax to the other eyebrow I wanted to hurt someone very badly. VERY BADLY!

When I looked in the mirror my poor face was so red and the eyebrows were gone! Well not gone, but they were but a shell of their previous grandeur. It was pure vanity that made me do it, and pure pride that will keep me from doing it again. OUCH!


3 thoughts on “Grooming

  1. Thank you! I think I might do it again, just because now that I’ve done it it’ll look funny if I don’t, lmao! I’m glad you like, I thought making it look like a journal would be cool, I like it a lot too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. lol! i have thought about getting my eyebrows done for a long time, but haven’t, for the obvious reasons you just described! I am proud of you though, for actually going through with it. Not sure I could do the same thing. Also, just now read the truths for friends entry and love it! I’ve been without internet for a few months so I’m just catching up ๐Ÿ™‚

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