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MouthyGirl has relocated! I’m in the land of the Cowboys… just a few blocks away is the monolith that is Cowboys Stadium. Wowza that thing is giant. I say this as if I’ve never been truth I was one of the first. At the George Strait concert I watched the gigantor monitor…the stage was too far for me to see it. LOL

I’m surrounded by boxes and newspaper. The fear of survival when your household income is downsized by half envelopes me but I’ve been here before. I can make this. This first month will be difficult with various deposits and new place start up costs. The change is exhilarating. New goals, new difficulties to face and conquer. Dare I say…the bitch is back.

Stay tuned…there is so much more to come.

P.S. I want to give you guys a nickname. It’s so Gaga-ish šŸ˜‰ What would you let me call you?


62 thoughts on “Boxes Everywhere!

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  6. I have thought of so many things but I think I’ve settled on calling you all my p.i.c.s…partners in crime šŸ˜‰ what do you think?

  7. How about just “friends?” cliche, i know
    assholes (mouthy=opinions=assholes)
    everymouths (like everyman)

    You know what? That is just a damn fine question. I don’t want to be called your “follower” because you’re not my “leader,” lol, I know that. And “reader” is too blah. Or you could just pick an actual human name and write like it’s a letter to that person. **on the edge of my seat to see what I’ll be called soon, LOL**

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