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I feel strong. Do you ever feel that feel like you’re owning it and no one can knock you down. I’ve had so many moments of weakness that this feels really great.Ā  I’ve been here before and I did it..some circumstances have changed but not enough to concern me. I feel like I left myself for a while..and now I’m back.Ā 

So I’ve been cranking music and enjoying my digs..still lack some creature comforts but nothing serious.Ā  One question though…what now? LOL only kidding. I have two objectives actually..I want to learn to play guitar and I’m learning chess so I’d like to get a bad ass set for my living room..

Aaaah…plans. šŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Keep on

  1. Chess, huh? I picture you with one of those sets where all the pieces are shot glasses. šŸ˜›
    I’m so excited for you, hon, you needed this so bad!

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