The Things That I Won’t Do

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I’m forward thinking..I take care of me and mine. That being said, I will not chase a man.. I expect a man to take the lead…to initiate and respond to the cues I typically obviously leave about. Now I recognize the complexities of tradition I bring to light but some of the old south is in me and I struggle not to call them “gentleman callers” 😉 though I guess that’s my beef right?  That they’re not gentlemen … Either way,  I know its an old point of view..

This has presented me with a problem. Men these days don’t expect to work as hard to get your fact….in these Jersey Shore fist pumping narcissistic expect to be chased!  I will miss out on a few interesting people I believe..but I believe that the man does the chasing. Period. 

I should ad that this is the first dating adventure since 2002 or so…lol. Please discuss..I am very interested in your thoughts.


8 thoughts on “The Things That I Won’t Do

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  4. Girl, I wholeheartedly agree. There was once a time when I was so desperate that I did the chasing–and failed every time. Then Big Daddy came looking for ME. It was refreshing and complimentary, and showed me that he was as old fashioned as I am. You have to make your case before things get serious, and it’s ever so much easier with someone who holds with traditional values. Would John Wayne’s typical character have married someone who chased him? Aw hell no. He might have slept with her (doubtful) but never thought of seriously. And my litmus test for a man is…WWJWD? What would John Wayne do? He’d see it as his duty to court a lady and treat her with respect. He’d see women as ladies, not bitches. And me? I’ve always thought of myself as about half lady, half bitch. I figure if I’m ever in the dating field again, I’ll go for someone about a decade older than me. At least they still have some of the old school mentality.

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