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It’s bittersweet now..I never really went thru any mourning stages..as they say you do when a long relationship ends.  I miss him in rare moments..how we used to be able to talk for hours about nothing at all..but smiling and enjoying each others’ company.  I wonder if I’ll have that again and I wonder what went wrong or if it really was just a culmination of things that led to this path..then that one..and now here we are…apart. 

I don’t care to admit those moments but I have them..however rare..they are there. My metamorphosis has only begun.. there are many more changes in store and I’m excited about every one of them.. thinking about learning how to dance..a new language..a degree… so many things I’d like to do…

These are not resolutions for the new year…they are goals..for the new me.   I want to be more outgoing, more successful, have more money, learn to walk in heels, make muscles out of my softy arms.. learn yoga..find my center…maybe even eat, pray, love… lol. Couldn’t help myself…that was a joke lol.

What kind of goals do you have? Long term? Short term?  Resolutions for the new year? Share!!


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  9. I’ve gotten a new system for my acne, which seems to have started the ball rolling on self improvement. I’ve been creating a morning and night routine to include Mary Kay Satin Hands on my hands and feet, remembering to brush my teeth (something I’ve struggled with all my life), and soon, exercise and hopefully quitting smoking (though I just plain don’t want to. The kids keep bothering me about it and I guess it’s just time.) I’ve already started with gardening as a new hobby (I got a composter and instruction book for Christmas, yay!!!) and have been listening to good audiobooks. I’ve also started with my crochet and working on Lily’s cross stitch (gasp! It’s taken so long!) baby blanket. I told an ex-friend off when he wanted to start being friends again, reminding him how badly he hurt me and that I’ll never be able to trust him again–and who needs friends they can’t trust? My mom, dad and sister are going through major life changes, too. Lily will start school this year (seems like yesterday I was holding her for the first time in the hospital). It even seems we’re on track to re-elect the best president we’ve had in my lifetime. It looks like the new year is going to hold lots of changes and I must say…it’s about time and I’m excited for all of us.
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