The Road Behind

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I approach this with a healthy level of fear
I’m not running from anything
I’m running to my future
To the dream of seeing another sky at night
…leaving the safety net and exploring.

When you see my smile
It’ll be true..and curious
I want to know the unknown
Embrace a strange place..

This is a new time
A time for me to see what I haven’t seen
And to show the fearlessness
that I want my son to approach life with

I’m putting it all in the rear view.


The Evolution of a Woman and her Blog

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Big news.

That I can’t discuss too much but let’s just say my passion is back with a muthafukkin VENGEANCE! Seriously. I have ideas and plans and things swirling around in my head so much that I’m afraid I’ll forget some of them!

So let’s talk about what’s been up. Briefing: Single again in August, abrupt and culturally shocking, dating is vastly different than the last time I did this and even then, I didn’t do much of it so…you know this is all new to me. I’ve been to a few clubs now, danced on the dance floor and discovered, I like that! I hadn’t been swimming in YEARS because I had such a lack of confidence in my body. I do not care one iota anymore. I figure most people are staring at my boobs anyways lol! I have met some really nice guys, of course the first guy, my rebound guy is still the most awesome..

Most recently I met a man from Morocco, quite accidentally, I was”wing man” for my cousin and her date and to my delight, the other guy was HAUT! He’s super sweet and seems to really be taken with me 😉

Loving being single, loving all this freedom and I can’t get enough of this new life. It’s excellent! Sure I have some carry over drama, it’s truly amazing how accepting inferiority in one part of your life, affects the rest of it. I had settled for far more than I realized. All of that will change in the super seriously near future.

That’s not all…MouthyGirl…these sorely neglected digs…are going to be revamped, I’ll be archiving a lot of things here that I don’t feel fit with the direction I’m taking this bad mammajamma and baby…let me tell you…it’s gonna be ON!