The Evolution of a Woman and her Blog

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Big news.

That I can’t discuss too much but let’s just say my passion is back with a muthafukkin VENGEANCE! Seriously. I have ideas and plans and things swirling around in my head so much that I’m afraid I’ll forget some of them!

So let’s talk about what’s been up. Briefing: Single again in August, abrupt and culturally shocking, dating is vastly different than the last time I did this and even then, I didn’t do much of it so…you know this is all new to me. I’ve been to a few clubs now, danced on the dance floor and discovered, I like that! I hadn’t been swimming in YEARS because I had such a lack of confidence in my body. I do not care one iota anymore. I figure most people are staring at my boobs anyways lol! I have met some really nice guys, of course the first guy, my rebound guy is still the most awesome..

Most recently I met a man from Morocco, quite accidentally, I was”wing man” for my cousin and her date and to my delight, the other guy was HAUT! He’s super sweet and seems to really be taken with me 😉

Loving being single, loving all this freedom and I can’t get enough of this new life. It’s excellent! Sure I have some carry over drama, it’s truly amazing how accepting inferiority in one part of your life, affects the rest of it. I had settled for far more than I realized. All of that will change in the super seriously near future.

That’s not all…MouthyGirl…these sorely neglected digs…are going to be revamped, I’ll be archiving a lot of things here that I don’t feel fit with the direction I’m taking this bad mammajamma and baby…let me tell you…it’s gonna be ON!


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