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Last year..when I re-emerged as a single thirty something..I joined a dating site that was constructed much like Facebook.  It was fun, “meeting” new people, chatting and posting statuses and liking others, posting silly e-cards, etc.  I met a few really great people, but as time wore on I started to recognize the “popular” crowd for my area.

Now, I don’t know about you but I reject cliques, whether the people are nice or not..doesn’t matter, cliques can turn nasty if one of the inner sanctum is wronged, or perceived wronged.  This is the reason I avoid them, I don’t tip toe around things and I don’t pander so it’s an eventuality that I will piss off one of these inner sanctum types.  This reminded me much of high school.

About the time I drew this comparison..I realized I’d been on this site for almost a full year, still not finding what I was looking for…yeah that song is playing in my head too..and I’m not a U2 fan.

This morning I sent messages to the few people who’s number I didn’t have with my number and a keep in touch, and deactivated my account.  I won’t be in a popularity contest..and I won’t compete for attention from the in crowd..that’s just not my style.

So I’m on OkCupid..Plenty of Fish..which I’ll write about before long lol..a couple others..but the dating scene is so different since the last time..I mean..  Last time I dated..I met my boyfriend on AOL.  Yep..I said was that long ago.

Will I find a guy I like enough to date?  We shall see…so far they’ve been great part time lovers or they’ve been sniveling whiny bitches.

Stay tuned for more adventures in dating as a thirty something….   😉


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