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It occured to me this morning as I referred a friend to a website, there are a couple websites I use to order things that normally are cost prohibitive products like contacts, glasses, credit scores..and so on. I thought I’d share them with you this Sunday morning.  I’m awesome like that 😉

Glasses and contacts

Credit not go to …you should know better. for TransUnion and Equifax for Experian.  I recommend Experians’ report because they are on it, and you can dispute your report online..making it super easy to manage. 

Additionally, you may not know this..but the agencies report to each other in an effort to maintain the most up to date Experian is naturally the most up to date because you are able to review the data online.  One more tip as we get around to this holiday season. 

There is always a reason to dispute inaccuracies on your credit report..but did you know there is also an ideal season?  Ooh yes 😉   When everyone is asking for credit limit increases and new cards start filing disputes on your credit report and thirty days in Christmas season..creditor time is like a week..they can’t keep up.  🙂

There’s more to this..and I’ll add to this later..but check out those sites..and do not go to…don’t be a ninny!   I love that word lol!


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