Top 5 Dating Don’ts

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Bad boy, bad boy.  You can’t do that if you’re dating.

Talking/texting a new person is exciting, you have an opportunity to express interest in them, learn about them..ask them out.  I consider myself hard to offend, understanding…quite patient actually.  However, there are some things boys…you just don’t do.  I’ve compiled a list of those that are most important to know…its not at all scientific, or based on surveys, no.  This is me, you..cocktails and truth.  Okay, coffee but you know what I’m saying.  Are you ready for this?

1. Don’t ask what she’s wearing.  The only time this is an appropriate question is for date identification when you meet if you haven’t already…but you should have seen a photo by this point.

2. Two word answers are boring.  “that’s cool”  “I’m good”  “what’s up”


3. If you ask a question..and don’t get a quick answer, don’t send “?”.  I mean, the other person might have had to pee..make a working…peacefully sleeping..
Don’t do that crap.

4.  This one is the reason I write this on an early Saturday morning..curled up, nearly in the fetal position.  The horror.

NEVER send unsolicited pictures you wouldn’t want your mom to see. NEVER!  I woke up this morning, and as we do, checked my phone for a few texts so I looked at to one and OMG it’s a cock!  I laughed a little.  Nervous laughter..and that, oh that’s unfortunate laugh..  

Don’t do that shit.

I consider myself pretty unflappable..and this didn’t offend me as much as make me feel sorry for him.  How desperate.  Moving right along…

5. Don’t make a date and cancel more than once or worse, not let the other person know you can’t make it.  There’s nothing worse than being stood up.  It’s inconsiderate, and karma will bite you right in the ass.  I promise.  That trip on the sidewalk last week..that wasn’t just any trip. 

Those will get you started…pay attention boys and girls..I think we’re on to something here….


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