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I usually write to you from my phone and it’s an exercise in frustration because my swype is a mean ass. Not to mention it’s mostly been poetry lately. It’s a purely egotistical thing, this blog. Is it self centered? Like I wrote about a few days ago…someone who’s so self centered to think I care anymore about him… I think it is.. MouthyGirl is my self centered paradise.

It’s where I’m accepted, loved and even enjoyed. It’s not real life, real life is drab, boring and only sometimes painted with color..but the color is muted and parades in front then fades away quickly. This is seeming like a dark post..it’s not really. Just a stream of consciousness thing..I’m so deliciously random, you know.. you love this shit.

Yeah I hear you…that was cocky.

My life in the last year has been a roller coaster…but the kind that’s low to the ground…because, well I’m short and not a fan of heights so…it’s like the baby roller coasters where you get the sensation of flying for like 2 seconds and you think you’re gonna lose your shit. Not really. It’s been wild. It occurred to me a few days ago that as old as I am…groan…crack…this is a great time for me. I’m still relatively young, lots of life ahead of me and pretty untangled. I lead a drama free life, which is so so so so so nice, finally. So being single and with lots of time on my hands…I have made lots of plans and fully expect to experience at least 65% of them. I know you’d like to know what they are…but then you won’t read what I write about cuz you’ll already know what I’m up to…ha!

And I’m dating…which is pretty cool…sometimes. It has its moments. A few nights ago, the kiddo waited up for me…it was cute. So single ladies… raise your hands..married ladies…shake your fist 😉 I wanna get a headcount. Why? So my jokes have punch in the delivery.. more single ladies…more single jokes…more married… ah you see what I’m saying.

Anyways. I’ve enjoyed our chat, coffee time with you guys is always nice. Now make like a good reader now and talk back. Tell me I’m full of shit, I’m the drama queen or that you hate my poetry. SAY ANYTHING!

And I will part with visions of John Cusack holding a boombox…


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