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All summer I told you I’d write to you, and I was busy doing this, or that, or just whatever it was I was doing. I felt bad, so now I’m writing this long promised post, catching you up with me. You all I’m sure know by now that J and I aren’t together anymore, in fact it’s been over a year now that I’ve been single. It’s been an interesting ride, I’ll tell you that. I met a nice guy almost right away that I liked a lot, but as with all “rebounds” that ended, nearly as quickly as it started. On the heels of that dating experiment, I met another nice guy, this one too, I liked a lot. He was funny, sarcastic, a great smart ass and had the best short jokes I’ve ever heard. We’re still friends, but distant. Now I’ve been on my own a while, no boyfriend, a few dates here and there..

The job I was doing in Management lasted until June, when the company went corporate and did as corporations do, restructured and replaced me with a new grad, for less money and with automated systems that did the job. Oh well, my boss expected far more than she paid for and even still it was never enough. Maybe it was a culture barrier, but I gave a lot of myself to that company. Knowing now, how much of me I was giving, she did me a favor by turning me loose. Of course initially, I thought my world would crash down around me and had no clue what I would do. About this time, my partner in crime transferred to Colorado Springs, my cousin Rebecca. She had been in Colorado all of a week when this happened and I of course called her, panic stricken but with a strange sense of relief.

She talked me off the ledge and extended an offer for me to stay with her. It took a few weeks for me to decide for sure, but once I decided, I was packing and gone within about ten days. At this point in my life I had decided that Texas held no promise for me, and at the very least I owed it to myself to explore a new area. Colorado is beautiful! So the kid, the cat and I pile into the car, hitch a trailer to the back and take off, leaving Texas, family and all my other friends behind.

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