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So those last several posts were your cliff notes to my last year, written quickly, as I’m sure you noticed.  I had to purge for me, and to you. 

There are many many things I struggle with every day, that, merely a portion of it.  I like to think I keep it together pretty well but really there are times that I observe my self seclusion when I’m particularly blue and know that it’s not right.  I say we all have our ways right?

This last year had me feeling lost for most of it, confused about my identity, wondering who I am really..what do I have to offer actually?  Two failed long term relationships and a moderately competitive resume but only in competition with other non degreed individuals.  But I realize now I have more to offer than that.

So I decide to return to school (this is still in the works) and pick a college and a degree plan.  Further, a friend and I start laying the groundwork for a business that we ambitiously hope to launch as a storefront next year.  Things that I know for certain, can be done..and what hindered me before?

I fill my time quite easily now, and I find when I’m honest with myself, the men in my life have been domineering, controlling and in their ways, made my endeavors seem foolish and worse, selfish.  But the worst part is not them at all, it was me. Because I let them. So in the end, it was always my own weakness that prevented my success, or attempts at it, I’ve overcome naysayers MG?


MouthyGirl was a mousy girl at home.  The joke was on me and I know that last one, J, must have found that quite comical.  But this is my outing..and notice to you that strength is my asset, and I lurves to use my assets to get what I want.  😉

This business will launch and maybe some lucky boy will think I’m pretty cool and I’ll have a new fun friend, but that’s the only part of my life I’m not in a hurry to get to.  The point of this post ladies and gents is that only when you’re completely honest with yourself and accept your failures, can you really begin to move on, and recognize the things you were blinded to before.. Sometimes it’s harsh but you can’t be your own yes man.

Talk to you soon lovelies!


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