Think Twice Before You Say That

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I fancy myself a private investigator of sorts. Probably doesn’t help that I work in the field, it just gives me some overconfidence maybe. I said that to say this though..I posted a status update on Facebook, not targeting anyone in particular, just bringing something to the attention of parents who don’t know when to stop and think about what they’re posting.

If facebook had been around when my mom was raising us, I shudder to think what I would have read about me when I got old enough to want to know. How inadequate our chores were done, how ungrateful we were, how hard it was to wake me at 6 am to go collect my paycheck for her to much she hated my dad, how cumbersome it was to have children when you want to bring a man home and get laid, how much a pain it was that your kids weren’t all gone on the same weekend etc etc.

While I haven’t seen status updates like that, I have to say I’ve seen some that I know their kids would take personally, and even resent. Facebook/Twitter – all this social media does not mean you should have diarrhea of the mouth syndrome with no filter. There’s a reason shit goes in the toilet, that’s where it belongs. Nowhere for anyone else to deal with or face. The same is true of some of the things I read on facebook and twitter and countless other areas. Everything is tracked online these days and it is so easy to find information about people, especially derogatory information.

So just stop, think and then post. If it is possible, step into the persons’ shoes you’re about to would they feel if they read it? If you don’t care…go ahead, but if you do – think twice.


Now what?

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I woke up..just before 6, for no reason as far as I can The garbage truck runs early in the morning here in the apartments I’m living in. I was lucky to catch some of Kathy Griffins show, this one with Bette Midler in I’ve been glued to it. I find Kathy hilarious and have loved Bette Midler since she did those movies with Lily Tomlin.

It’s “thirsty Thursday” and in proper fashion..this evening I have to replenish my spirit supply.. I’m getting bored with my rum and vodka choices..and the flavored ones aren’t all that good. Suggestions?

I’m kind of excited, a friend is going to help me dye my long ass hair this weekend..and I’m thinking I will need two boxes of hair is down to my waist now…and I was going to have it trimmed’s healthy, the EMS are’s just long. I’m kind of enjoying it..the weight of it..the way it can wrap my shoulders. I see a lot of woman with short hair..must of which carry it well..I on the other hand, would not. Not to mention I have no desire to cut my hair short. So I’m going auburn and she’going to help me do black tips. It’s gonna look awesome. Great way to kick off the new year. ๐Ÿ™‚


Happy He’s an Ex

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Oh the lies we tell ourselves…as much as I hate to quote or act like I like Katy Perry in the slightest..I have to admit that “Wide Awake” is one of my favorite songs. Let me explain just a tiny one of 234,879,238,758,934 reasons why…

I have this plugin that offers random posts to readers, today, after re-activating it once I updated the blog platform, I happened upon the post that was the impetus for a hugemangous fight between myself and the ex around Feb. ’09- and thus causing me to look over my shoulder all the time when writing.

I called it “Boys” and while everything in the post was true, it made waves that could be felt in Asia. Oh the conniption the ex threw! So I might’ve been a little harsh…truth hurts lol. But as I read it, I kind of chuckled a bit because really, that kind of behavior was so typical of him, whether he admitted it or not, he was lazy.

I have to feel sorry for him, especially after the last time we spoke. Thanks to Karma…life is difficult when you’re an asshole. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you have a hindsight story?


Fu** Buddies

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I’ve been denying you guys the intimate details of this life. You see, convention tells me I’m a heathen. My mind tells me..I don’t give a fuck anymore.

single girl

So the dirty truth will come out..and let’s face it..I’m not the first to talk about such things either.

Let’s start with fuck buddies. Since my entry into the world of singlehood-dom..I have been deprived of my regular expectation of sex. Boy does that ever suck. I was used to several times a week..and now I’m lucky to have it several times a month. I think that’s why I wanted a boyfriend..for nothing more than to have regular sex.

I’ve had a couple fuck buddies since last year and one that’s sort of a constant…and he’s a real ass, but that works for me. Great in the sack though..and he has these piercings…oh my goodness! I’ve “quit him” twice and can’t stay away..but I don’t think he minds lol. He also doesn’t mind giving me shit about it ๐Ÿ™‚

The great thing about him being an ass, is I can’t possibly get attached…to anything other than the I’m too busy to maintain a relationship or to have strings on my weekends anyways, or expectations that at certain times I’ll be available, Friday night expectations, whatever – I can’t be held down right now, I have too much in the air.

So tell me single friends, and be honest…would you have a fuck buddy? Why, or why not?