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Oh the lies we tell ourselves…as much as I hate to quote or act like I like Katy Perry in the slightest..I have to admit that “Wide Awake” is one of my favorite songs. Let me explain just a tiny one of 234,879,238,758,934 reasons why…

I have this plugin that offers random posts to readers, today, after re-activating it once I updated the blog platform, I happened upon the post that was the impetus for a hugemangous fight between myself and the ex around Feb. ’09- and thus causing me to look over my shoulder all the time when writing.

I called it “Boys” and while everything in the post was true, it made waves that could be felt in Asia. Oh the conniption the ex threw! So I might’ve been a little harsh…truth hurts lol. But as I read it, I kind of chuckled a bit because really, that kind of behavior was so typical of him, whether he admitted it or not, he was lazy.

I have to feel sorry for him, especially after the last time we spoke. Thanks to Karma…life is difficult when you’re an asshole. 😉

Do you have a hindsight story?


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