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I’ve been denying you guys the intimate details of this life. You see, convention tells me I’m a heathen. My mind tells me..I don’t give a fuck anymore.

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So the dirty truth will come out..and let’s face it..I’m not the first to talk about such things either.

Let’s start with fuck buddies. Since my entry into the world of singlehood-dom..I have been deprived of my regular expectation of sex. Boy does that ever suck. I was used to several times a week..and now I’m lucky to have it several times a month. I think that’s why I wanted a boyfriend..for nothing more than to have regular sex.

I’ve had a couple fuck buddies since last year and one that’s sort of a constant…and he’s a real ass, but that works for me. Great in the sack though..and he has these piercings…oh my goodness! I’ve “quit him” twice and can’t stay away..but I don’t think he minds lol. He also doesn’t mind giving me shit about it 🙂

The great thing about him being an ass, is I can’t possibly get attached…to anything other than the sex..lol. I’m too busy to maintain a relationship or to have strings on my weekends anyways, or expectations that at certain times I’ll be available, Friday night expectations, whatever – I can’t be held down right now, I have too much in the air.

So tell me single friends, and be honest…would you have a fuck buddy? Why, or why not?


4 thoughts on “Fu** Buddies

    • @theenglishtexan: You’re right, I don’t imagine most can sustain it for long. There has to be a healthy level of detachment. I know lots of women that expect it to be easy and find themselves jealous, clingy, and expecting more than was initially agreed upon. But when it’s done right…it’s great for all involved.

  1. I want one so bad I can taste it! That’s what I miss the most about my marriage–sad, isn’t it? I got it 3 or 4 times a week, and it was GOOD all the way up to the end. How someone can not care about me and be that good in bed with me I’ll never know, but damn. Now I have to please myself, which lasts about 30 seconds and sucks. I miss kinky sex, damn it, not toys!

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