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I woke up..just before 6, for no reason as far as I can The garbage truck runs early in the morning here in the apartments I’m living in. I was lucky to catch some of Kathy Griffins show, this one with Bette Midler in I’ve been glued to it. I find Kathy hilarious and have loved Bette Midler since she did those movies with Lily Tomlin.

It’s “thirsty Thursday” and in proper fashion..this evening I have to replenish my spirit supply.. I’m getting bored with my rum and vodka choices..and the flavored ones aren’t all that good. Suggestions?

I’m kind of excited, a friend is going to help me dye my long ass hair this weekend..and I’m thinking I will need two boxes of hair is down to my waist now…and I was going to have it trimmed’s healthy, the EMS are’s just long. I’m kind of enjoying it..the weight of it..the way it can wrap my shoulders. I see a lot of woman with short hair..must of which carry it well..I on the other hand, would not. Not to mention I have no desire to cut my hair short. So I’m going auburn and she’going to help me do black tips. It’s gonna look awesome. Great way to kick off the new year. 🙂


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