Think Twice Before You Say That

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I fancy myself a private investigator of sorts. Probably doesn’t help that I work in the field, it just gives me some overconfidence maybe. I said that to say this though..I posted a status update on Facebook, not targeting anyone in particular, just bringing something to the attention of parents who don’t know when to stop and think about what they’re posting.

If facebook had been around when my mom was raising us, I shudder to think what I would have read about me when I got old enough to want to know. How inadequate our chores were done, how ungrateful we were, how hard it was to wake me at 6 am to go collect my paycheck for her to much she hated my dad, how cumbersome it was to have children when you want to bring a man home and get laid, how much a pain it was that your kids weren’t all gone on the same weekend etc etc.

While I haven’t seen status updates like that, I have to say I’ve seen some that I know their kids would take personally, and even resent. Facebook/Twitter – all this social media does not mean you should have diarrhea of the mouth syndrome with no filter. There’s a reason shit goes in the toilet, that’s where it belongs. Nowhere for anyone else to deal with or face. The same is true of some of the things I read on facebook and twitter and countless other areas. Everything is tracked online these days and it is so easy to find information about people, especially derogatory information.

So just stop, think and then post. If it is possible, step into the persons’ shoes you’re about to would they feel if they read it? If you don’t care…go ahead, but if you do – think twice.


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