Yet Another Phase

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Remember when we were young and we used to hear that we’re just going through a phase?  I’m at it again.  A year and a half ago when I found myself single..I was sad. But also elated. That relationship had grown so old and decrepit I could smell the antifreeze leaking.

I knew what had changed me..but no clue how it was that I was the only one. So here I am..this much time later and I think of all that’s ahead of me yet. My relationship with my son is life is changing..goals, tolerance, ideas…  It’s all different now.

I want more, I’m hungry for it. At the same time everyone around me is in personal crisis. It makes me angry.  The part of me, the middle child who wants peace and tranquility..and most of all happiness, for everyone, not just me..gets so angry at the circumstances!  I rage about it..sometimes publicly lol.

My life isn’t great..sometimes, not even good…but I keep positivity most of the time and tough through it.  So here I am, in a phase..wanting to be the leader at their door bringing them with me as I forge through the hoardes of bullshitters and asshats to steer us to the other side..where that peace can be found in abundance and we all love ourselves.

Too bad I’m so pissed at circumstance.  Frowny face.


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