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I give myself manicures frequently…about once a week really. It’s becoming a bit of an obsession in experimentation. I spend up to two hours sometimes and end up not liking it, like the last time I did them, it reminded me too much of Garth Brooks’ shirt on the Ropin the Wind album cover, seriously!

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So I redid them and was happier with the redo, but now that mani is chipping and it’s time for a new one..

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I’ll start sharing my weekly, sometimes bi-weekly paint jobs and you guys feel free to chime in…and no, I don’t think I need an intervention lol..

Check out some of my previous work:

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You can check out my Nail Obsession album on Facebook here, my poor friends and family have been subjected to weekly manicure photos now for about a year…I think they love it. 😉 You can also see a bunch I’ve done and posted on Instagram, as well as other random things I share on Twitter lol.

Any favorites?


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