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People Are Strange

I’ve been a member of this social media site that a lot of people go to for dating, booty calls, etc. I don’t interact with all the people, I treat it kind of like I do Twitter, if I happen to know someone on there, great, if not..whatevs, I’m not going out of my way.

I’ve noticed that on this particular site, there is this group of people that are…larger than those you see in the workout videos we’ll say… and leave it at that. Kudos to them for arranging to have meet ups and get to know a lot more people but I’ve noticed, generally, across all walks of life, there is a universal embrace of crazy. Now, I know that crazy is an overused term and a lot of things fall in the category of crazy, but I’m talking about that Lifetime “Snapped” kinda crazy. Where the chickies are talking about their insecurity as if it’s a quality, a trait to be proud of and brag about.


Baby doll, I do not understand. Maybe it’s because I have had a hard knock life..but the last thing I want to do is show my weakness and invite others celebrate it. Um, negatory. I’m sure it’s because I’m a strong willed person that this sticks out to me as odd and utterly ridiculous.

I think overall I’ve noticed a shift in people’s thinking of a popular thought process, that our insecurities are ok to display, that crazy is lovable. Not that it isn’t but god damn, try to be strong, you have people counting on you, even if you don’t know it, there ARE people that need to see that you have the confidence to achieve what you set out to.

Or am I the crazy one?