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In the wee hours of the night sometimes, I wake up with my face wet with tears. I rarely, if ever, remember my dreams and I only know this one hurt. Not the kind of thing that gets my day off to a good start because inevitably even after going back to sleep, I wake up in the morning tired and remembering that something made me cry while I slept.

I don’t know if it’s as hard to do while I sleep as when I’m awake, but if it is – that was a fucked up dream. Add to that it’s hump day and I have a world of complications on my shoulders. This wonderful thing they call life eh?

I stayed up late watching the live stream of Wendy Davis’ filibuster, maybe that had something to do with my dream er maybe nightmare..I’m not sure. I’ve been on an uneven keel all day and I really hate that lack of feeling balanced.

Ah well…first world problem to be sure. I leave you with one of my favorite commercials of late 🙂 Enjoy.



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